About me

Craig Halloran grew up a role playing fiend and dungeon master’s nightmare. Since, he’s turned his boundless creativity into more than 50 acclaimed novels that span a wide variety of fantasy fiction sub-genres, from urban fantasy to epic sword-and-sorcery to zombie apocalypse. Creator of the bestselling Darkslayer and the Chronicles of the Dragon series, he imagines unique worlds and wonders that are breathtaking in concept, and then brings them to life in stories brimming with excitement, suspense, and surprise. A former military policeman who now labors in the realm of the remarkable, Halloran has a large and loyal following of devoted fans who eagerly devour his page-turning, action-packed tales of fantastic adventure.

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You can contact him through Facebook, or Twitter @CraigHalloran or at craig@thedarkslayer.com. Feel free to drop him a line anytime.