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Dragon Wars, the best fantasy series for teen, book 1.

Blood Brothers (Book 1)

The Adventure Begins January 30th

A fearless pair of brothers who always seem to find trouble…

After years of hiding from a terrible past, Grey Cloak and Dyphestive abandon their duties and search for something new.  Unaware of the powerful bloodline coursing through their veins, they set out to uncover their own fortune.

But misfortune finds them first…

Battling thieves, hermits, and dragons is only the beginning as a company of notorious adventurers led by a mysterious wizard threatens to tear them apart.  Relying on their wits, wiles, and each other, the brothers fight for survival in the middle of a brewing dragon war.  But will an unknown and perilous calamity destroy them before they can save themselves and the rest of the world?

Dragon Wars, fantasy series for teens, book 2.

Black Frost (Book 2)

Coming Early 2020

They must stay or go…But danger will soon follow.

As newly full-fledged members of Talon, the brothers, Grey Cloak and Dyphestive, are faced with a decision.  Seeking greener pastures will surely bring about pain and suffering, but Grey Cloak wants no part of his new role in the secret dragon war.  Pushing his reluctant brother to move on, the brazen youths are determined to keep their dark secret to themselves while seeking fortune of their own.  


Dragon Wars, fantasy series for teens, book 3.

Sky Rider (Book 3)

Coming Early 2020

Bad blood brews as brother turns against brother…

As Black Frost’s plans for world domination march on, he’ll stop at nothing to wipe out his mortal enemies in droves or one by one. Pitting family against family, it could be the deadliest civil war to date.  Will such a defeat force the heroes to face devastating consequences that will forever change their fate?

Dragon Wars, fantasy series for teens, book 4.

Iron Bones (Book 4)

Coming Early 2020

Trapped on opposite ends of the world, blood brothers battle for their lives as their enemies vow to tear them apart….

Under the influence of his vicious enemies, Dyphestive morphs into a mindless killing machine, wreaking havoc on the innocent.  But his allies, Talon, are determined to rescue him at all costs–despite the odds stacked against them.  




Dragon Wars, fantasy series for teens, book 5.

Thunder in Gunder (Book 5)

Coming Early 2020

When the blood brothers’ adventures begin to simmer down, a new sinister menace surfaces

Finally enjoying the simple pleasures in Monarch City, the newly reunited brothers, Grey Cloak and Dyphestive, are ready for a break.  But when their enemy launches a surprise attack, it puts all Sky Riders’ lives in peril.  

Dragon Wars, fantasy series for teens, book 6.

Monarch Madness (Book 6)

Coming Early 2020


In a world of devilish thieves, lizard men, and evil necromancers, the blood brothers battle enemies who are determined to destroy them all.

As the walls begin to close in, the brothers and their company must defy the odds in order to save themselves. But is their greatest enemy waiting for one false move to take them down once and for all?

If you enjoy epic fantasy, filled with the gamut of elves, dwarves, halflings and orcs,  along with mages, thieves and warriors to dragon riders, then you will devour the mysterious and brazen adventures of Grey Cloak and Dyphestive.

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Craig Halloran grew up a role playing fiend and dungeon master’s nightmare. Since, he’s turned his boundless creativity into more than 70 acclaimed novels that span a wide variety of fantasy fiction sub-genres, from urban fantasy to epic sword-and-sorcery to zombie apocalypse. Creator of the bestselling Darkslayer and the Chronicles of the Dragon series, he imagines unique worlds and wonders that are breathtaking in concept, and then brings them to life in stories brimming with excitement, suspense, and surprise. A former military policeman who now labors in the realm of the remarkable,  Since 2010 his books have been #1 bestsellers in Epic Fantasy and Sword & Sorcery on Amazon, where he became a Top 100 Author and KDP All-Star.