The Darkslayer series

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Wrath of the Royals (Book 1 of 6)


As the underlings rally all of the evil forces they can muster to destroy the mystical and legendary Darkslayer, something unexpected has upset the delicate balance between good and evil on the world called Bish, making the Darkslayer a pawn in other insidious disputes.

When recklessness provokes a Royal household, Venir is forced to flee the city, along with his comrade, the skinny thief Melegal. The Royals and underlings soon unleash some unusual powers against him and start to close in. Facing the final showdown, nothing unfolds as it should.

Blades in the Night (Book 2 of 6)


After a brutal trip through the Outlands, the brash warrior Venir—aka the Darkslayer—returns to the City of Bone. He quickly has his hands full looking out for his young friends Lefty and Georgio, while also trying to score some easy coin with his old ally Melegal the thief. Along the way, Venir faces threats from the Royal houses of Bone, man-urchins, Shadow Sentries, and two dark figures that he’d left for dead once before.

Finally, though, Venir leaves Bone behind, only to run into Jarla, Queen of the Brigands—an old flame who wants him dead. And soon after that, the real horror begins, as Catten and Verbard emerge and unleash their worst in the hopes of finally killing the Darkslayer.

Teenage Fantasy Books
Teenage Fantasy Books

Underling Revenge (Book 3 of 6)


Tasked with hunting down the Slergs and Almen’ lost son, the half-dead warrior Tonio, Melegal quickly discovers that serving Castle Almen – despite its many pleasures – is more than he can bear, especially when the creepy cleric Sefron is watching his every move. Can the crafty rogue survive much longer without his closest comrade there to back him up?

Kam the mage has her hands full back in the Magi Roost as Lefty Lightfoot and the ever-hungry boy Georgio are growing up too quickly. When a simple skim leads them into a run in with the local thieves guild, all of their lives will never be the same. Will they be able to survive without the man that brought them together?

Danger and the Druid (Book 4 of 6)


As Venir wanders aimlessly through the Mist trying to find his way home, the Underlings, led by Lord Verbard and Master Sinway’s son Kierway, hatch an underling assault on Bish.

Meanwhile, back in the City of Three, Kam has her hands full with her new baby, as well as keeping tabs on Lefty and Georgio, whose friendship is splitting apart. Palos, the Prince of the Thieves Guild, has it in for Kam, and he won’t let anyone stop him from getting what he wants, which is her.

Teenage Fantasy Books
Teenage Fantasy Books

Outrage in the Outlands (Book 5 of 6)


Venir is pushed to his limits in the Outlands: battling underlings and trying to find a way to staunch the underling armies that are quickly spreading from one corner of Bish to the other.

Detective Melegal, struggling to get his life back under control, finds himself with more responsibility that he ever asked for. Not only does his life hang in the balance, but the fate of many others as well. Will his actions save them or spell doom for them all?

Chaos at the Castle (Book 6 of 6)


Is this it?

With Venir imprisoned at the Outpost, who will step forward to protect Bish from the rising tide of underlings? Who will save Venir?

What about the City of Bone? Have underling Lords Catten, Verbard and Master Kierway taken it over?

Teenage Fantasy Books

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