The Chronicles of Dragon

Nath was born a man, destined to be a dragon and must do good deeds to earn his scales.

#1 Bestselling Fantasy Series

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The Darkslayer

One Warrior. One Weapon. One War.

#1 Bestselling Fantasy Series


The Supernatural Bounty Hunter Files

The Unexpected Begins…Agent Sidney Shaw is one of the FBI’s finest. Tough as nails with a calculating mind, she thought she was ready for anything.¬†She was wrong.


Zombie Impact

The World Humanitarian’s Society’s plans for world population control have just begun. Mindless and Merciless they come.


Blog Time with Craig: Book Pricing and more…

First, I want to address something and I hope that I can get some participation on this. I want to give my blog a catchy title. Something with me in it. It’s all Craig. ¬†That way when you get the email you know precisely who it’s from. Here are some of my... read more

Blogtime with Craig: Writing Books my Way, Part 2

In my opinion, there really isn’t a right or wrong way to write a book…but there are standards that you need to adhere to. First off, when I started writing I didn’t know a darn thing about writing a book. I just wrote The Darkslayer based off what... read more

Blogtime with Craig: Writing Books my Way, Part 1

I want to cover some of the standards I’ve set for myself when it comes to writing that has helped me become a success. I’m not going to delve into the creative process though. I can’t really explain that. I don’t outline my books because I am... read more

Blog Time with Craig: Axes and Allies

First off, let me complain about something. The Mac Computer. I had one of the original bubbles way back when, a nice cool green and I loved it. Fast forward a decade, I buy a new on and the entire operating system stinks. Wow! I am just disappointed beyond words. The... read more

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