The Chronicles of Dragon

Nath was born a man, destined to be a dragon and must do good deeds to earn his scales.

#1 Bestselling Fantasy Series

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The Darkslayer

One Warrior. One Weapon. One War.

#1 Bestselling Fantasy Series


The Supernatural Bounty Hunter Files

The Unexpected Begins…Agent Sidney Shaw is one of the FBI’s finest. Tough as nails with a calculating mind, she thought she was ready for anything. She was wrong.


Zombie Impact

The World Humanitarian’s Society’s plans for world population control have just begun. Mindless and Merciless they come.


Successful Launch Needed! The Scarab’s Curse

Successful Launch Needed! The Scarab’s Curse

When I first started publishing my stories in 2010 the formula was simple. Publish more books. I did great. But, in the fast moving, ever-changing landscape of digital publishing the rules change. I didn’t do any marketing, I just wrote. Now, I have to market to... read more

The Barbarian and the Brain, Chapter 3

The crossbows took on a life of their own. With a single thought, Finster reshaped the wood of the crossbow bolts. The tips pointed toward the gabled ceiling. The soldiers pulled the triggers. The bolts shot out in loop-da-loops and sailed short of the mark with a... read more

The Barbarian and the Brain, Chapter 2

Hands on the rail, serene in expression, Finster replied, “I beg your pardon, commander, but I believe you are mistaken. I’m not guilty of any crime that I am aware of. I’m a lone sage, a mere novice of elixirs working toward the betterment of the community and... read more

The Barbarian and the Brain – Chapter 1

Tarley’s Tavern sat high on the hill, up and away from the small town of Marcen. The rickety building stood braced against the highland winds for hundreds of years. Over the course of history, some of the realms greatest heroes passed through Tarley’s. Some guzzled... read more

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