The Darkslayer, series 2

Craig's original series. the #1 Bestselling 'The Darkslayer' is continued!

Bish and Bone (Series 2, Book 1)


Venir, Melegal and Haze make their way north to the City of Three only to find themselves at odds with each other as well as the strange and dangerous elements of the Outlands.

In the City of Three, Kam is reunited with her friends, Billip and Georgio, but finds little comfort in their arrival. Scorch and Darleen have taken over the Magi Roost along with the help of another sinister being that calls himself Sidebor.

Who will survive to the next day and who won’t?

Black Blood (Series 2, Book 2)


With the mystic armament back in his possession, Venir is once again The Darkslayer. But he can’t be everywhere at once. Tragedy still happens.

A year has passed, and the underling threat is bigger … stronger. Venir, Billip, and the young men: Georgio, Nikkel and Brak, battle the enemy in the Outlands.
Familiarizing himself with the City of Three and its wonders, Melegal draws the attention of some wizardly Royals.

Red Death (Series 2, Book 3)


Boon, Billip, Georgio, and Nikkel go back to the Outland to join in the war against the underlings.

Ashamed of why he has stayed behind, Fogle sighs whenever he catches glimpses of Kam.

Jubilee pines for Nikkel while she babysits the still paralyzed Brak, until she needs him.

Kam’s sister Jaen shows up and makes unreasonable demands that our friends cannot meet.

Lethal Liaisons (Series 2, Book 4)


Venir, Brool in hand, wages his one-man war in the streets of the City of Three while Kam suffers behind the walls in the Towers. Frustrated with himself and others, Venir takes matters into his own hands and forces Fogle into a rescue mission.

After vanquishing Palzor, the King of the Thieves, Melegal finds himself in a very promising situation. The Nest needs a new leader. Can he fill those shoes?

Torment and Terror (Series 2, Book 5)


The bizarre eternal being, Scorch, rears his mischievous head, placing Venir and Melegal at odds in a series of fights that are life or death.

Fogle, Brak and Jubilee find themselves way off the rendezvous point with Venir and Kam only to wind up in a camp full of thugs and thieves. Brak faces off against an old enemy, the ogre that broke his back, Gondoon Stoneskin.