Odyssey of Nath Dragon Series

Dive into the epic background story of Nath Dragon, son of the Dragon King, in his first Dungeons and Dragons type adventure. Nath steals at the all powerful sword, Fang, when he is banished from the Mountain of Doom, and quickly finds himself in a dangerous world and all alone. Soon, the wicked take advantage of the young hero, and his must decide which side he will fight on, evil or good? A great starter for readers of all ages, but written after The Chronicles of Dragon, Series 1.

Exiled: The Odyssey of Nath Dragon (Book 1 of 5)


A Man Born To Protect His Home
Nath Dragon’s place in life was determined at birth. He is destined to protect Dragon Home and must carry the burden of his legacy. He does not have the convenience of following his own desires
Enslaved (Book 2 of 5)
How Do You Defeat An Unknown Enemy?
Imprisoned in a Slaver Town, Nath is determined to get revenge. After all, his list of rivals is multiplying rapidly. But his darkest, most vile enemy is still a mystery to him””a mystery he’s determined to solve.


Deadly (Book 3 of 5)


Betrayed And Surrounded By Enemies

Betrayed by the Black Hand yet again, Nath finds himself in a battle for his life with ruthless enemies attacking from all sides.


Hunted (Book 4 of 5)

New Strength in Unity

Nath, Darkken and Maefon’s relationships grow stronger and they become quite the formidable band of heroes. Still taken in by the deception, Nath journeys with his new companions across Nalzambor to the town of Old Hen. It is there that they begin a desperate search in a bizarre gargantuan crypt guarded by the undead. Within, they hope to find the secret of Dragon Steel, that can be turned into a weapon, that can kill anything.



Strife (Book 5 of 5)


Nath Dragon journeys with his brother, Lord Darkken and elven love, Maefon, to retrieve the highly coveted dragon ore. Darkken shares his plans for Nalzambor’s future, convincing Nath, that the world is not meant for dragons, and that they are the true evolution of the new order. Nath has his doubts, but helps see his brothers plot through.

The Odyssey of Nath Dragon Collection (Books 1 thru 5)


This clean fantasy series intended for younger readers has proven to be a must read for readers of all ages. Don’t miss out on over 400,000 words of action-packed adventure that covers all of the bases of the dungeons and dragons spectrum!

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The Odyssey of Nath Dragon is appropriate for readers of all ages but contains all of the page turning thrills one should expect from fantasy.  It is followed up by two more books series, The Chronicles of Dragon and the Tail of the Dragon, each 10 books long. Over 100,000 Nath Dragon stories have been sold worldwide. If you have any questions, please, email, craig@thedarkslayer.com

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“This story is awesome!”  “Another home run!” “Nath is bigger than life!”  

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