The Chronicles of Dragon

Craig's #1 bestselling epic fantasy series ... The Chronicles of Dragon. Welcome to the world of NALZAMBOR ... Nath is a special warrior. He is a dragon born a man. In order to become a dragon, he must save the dragons.

The Hero, The Sword and The Dragons (Book 1 of 10)


For countless years Nath has been on a quest to become a dragon, but his meddling with the other races tends to get in the way. Nath, unable to control his fascination of the of world men, elves, dwarves and even the despised orcs, tends to get caught up in their affairs.

With his close friend and ally, Brenwar the Dwarf, Nath, armed with a magic sword he calls Fang, travels to the Mountain of Doom, the Free City of Narnum and to Orcen Hold to earn his scales and become a true dragon.

Dragon Bones and Tombstones (Book 2 of 10)


Determined to reverse the evil of his cursed dragon arm, Nath Dragon ventures deep into the Shale Hills with Brenwar the Dwarf in an attempt to rescue more dragons. But those treacherous hills hide troubles he’s never imagined.

Against their will, Nath and Brenwar are forced to retrieve a powerful artifact from an ancient graveyard. And where there are graveyards there is death, chaos and destruction.

Terror at the Temple (Book 3 of 10)


The Clerics of Barnabus are dead set on capturing Nath Dragon. High Priestess Selene wants him, but why, even Finnius does not know.

Brenwar Bolderguild begins his search of Nalzambor to find Nath, who has escaped his supervision. Nath’s father had warned Brenwar not to lose Nath because losing Nath to evil will trigger the next Dragon War.

Clutch of the Cleric (Book 4 of 10)


As darkness seeps over the land, Nath Dragon and company embark on a journey to the Land of the Elves in pursuit of the Occular of Orray.

Under the watchful eye of his friends―Brenwar the Dwarf, Shum the Elven Rover, Bayzog the part-Elf wizard, and Sasha the sorceress―Nath finds himself wanting to test his set of two Dragon arms.

Hunt for the Hero (Book 5 of 10)


Brenwar, Shum, Bayzog and Sasha’s lives hang in the balance deep inside the crater.
Ben discovers Garrison is an ally of the Clerics of Barnabus and has to handle it on his own.
The War Priest Kryzak’s diabolical plans continue to unfold with one trap after another.
Nath Dragon’s powers will be pushed to the limits.
How much more can Nath handle as the forces of evil continue to beckon for him?

Siege at the Settlements (Book 6 of 10)


Ravaged by war, Nalzambor needs a hero. The once vibrant world filled with peace and beauty is collapsing underneath the crushing boots of the Armies of Barnabus. Fear and disorder rule.

Traveling the lands, Nath Dragon, Brenwar the dwarf, Bayzog the wizard, Gorlee the changeling, Ben the warrior, and their dwarven friends begin liberating the towns and villages on their own. Hope and Success follow but not without notice.

Strife in the Sky (Book 7 of 10)


Nath Dragon leads Bayzog, Brenwar, and Ben east to the River Cities with hopes of ending the way the Forces of Barnabus control the dragons.

But the peaceful River Folk are also controlled by the soldiers of Barnabus, and Nath and company struggle to find allies among them. And what terror lies in the Floating City, the key to it all? Can Nath Dragon find his way in and find a way out again?

Fight and the Fury (Book 8 of 10)


Times have become more perilous in Nalzambor for everyone, especially Nath Dragon and his friends. Departing from the Floating City, Nath Dragon’s patience is put to the test. The crystal gnomes, led by Snarggell, are reluctant to help, forcing Nath into a regrettable decision.

Bayzog, Brenwar, and Ben try to catch up with Nath, but more dragons are hunting them down. Soon, they find themselves overwhelmed and in need of other allies.

War in the Winds (Book 9 of 10)


Brenwar, Pilpin, Shum, and Hoven see the signs that the Dragon King is rallying his dragon army.

Captive to Selene and the five year Truce, Nath itches to know that his friends are well. Yet, he can’t seem to change into dragon form again. Maybe if he jumps from this balcony…

Finale (Book 10 of 10)


Time has run out … The Truce has crumbled and Nath Dragon must face his most fatal foe, Gorn Grattack.

Can he do it alone? Is the High Priestess Selene now a friend, ally, or a bitter enemy? Nath only has moments to figure that out before the final claws close in.

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