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Dragon Wars, the best teen fantasy books. Book1.

Blood Brothers (Book 1)

An evil breed of dragons rise to power. Two runaways with nowhere left to hide. Will they discover their true destiny on a dangerous quest for a legendary treasure? 

After years of hiding from their dark overlord, the gifted fifteen-year-olds, Grey Cloak and Dyphestive, set out in pursuit of fame and fortune. Lured by the promise of riches and powerful charms, they join a daring band of thieves and suddenly find themselves side-tracked on an epic quest to destroy their former fire-breathing master.  

With blood-thirsty and mysterious forces hunting them down, one misstep could soon land the brazen duo back in the clutches of their old nemesis. Ignoring close shaves with armies of gnolls, orcs and dragon riders, the hard-headed youths battle on at all costs with the fate of the world on the line. 

Will the fearless pair uncover their true purpose and save the kingdom before their past catches up and puts them in the grave?

Dragon Wars, teen fantasy books, book 2.

Black Frost (Book 2)

They must stay or go…But danger will soon follow.

As newly full-fledged members of Talon, the brothers, Grey Cloak and Dyphestive, are faced with a decision.  Seeking greener pastures will surely bring about pain and suffering, but Grey Cloak wants no part of his new role in the secret dragon war.  Pushing his reluctant brother to move on, the brazen youths are determined to keep their dark secret to themselves while seeking fortune of their own.


Dragon Wars, teen fantasy books, book 3.

Sky Rider (Book 3)

Bad blood brews as brother turns against brother…

As Black Frost’s plans for world domination march on, he’ll stop at nothing to wipe out his mortal enemies in droves or one by one. Pitting family against family, it could be the deadliest civil war to date.  Will such a defeat force the heroes to face devastating consequences that will forever change their fate?

Dragon Wars, teen fantasy books, book 4.

Iron Bones (Book 4)

Trapped on opposite ends of the world, blood brothers battle for their lives as their enemies vow to tear them apart….

Under the influence of his vicious enemies, Dyphestive morphs into a mindless killing machine, wreaking havoc on the innocent.  But his allies, Talon, are determined to rescue him at all costs–despite the odds stacked against them.

Dragon Wars, teen fantasy books, book 5.

Thunder in Gunder (Book 5)

When the blood brothers’ adventures begin to simmer down, a new sinister menace surfaces

Finally enjoying the simple pleasures in Monarch City, the newly reunited brothers, Grey Cloak and Dyphestive, are ready for a break.  But when their enemy launches a surprise attack, it puts all Sky Riders’ lives in peril.


Dragon Wars, teen fantasy books, book 6.

Monarch Madness (Book 6)

In a world of devilish thieves, lizard men, and evil necromancers, the blood brothers battle enemies who are determined to destroy them all. 

Together again and fighting their rivals, Grey Cloak and Dyphestive are plagued with a new mission.  Tasked with stealing a valuable magical artifact from the crypts of the Monarch Castle, the brothers must go undercover and infiltrate the enemy.  But pulling off such a meticulous heist may be even too difficult for these brave brothers.  Taking on unlikely and untrustworthy allies could result in their immediate death.

Dragon Wars, teen fantasy books, book 6.

Battleground (Book 7)

Caught in the crosshairs of life and death, the blood brothers risk it all.

Bent on a swift and quick conquest of Monarch City, Black Frost’s dragon forces strike hard and fast pinning the heroes in an ill-fated circumstance. 

At the risk of being destroyed, Grey Cloak and Dyphestive must choose to stand their ground and unleash forces so lethal that their lives will never be the same. 

Dragon Wars, teen fantasy books, book 6.

Wizard Watch (Book 8)

Ousted through space and time, Grey Cloak and Dyphestive quickly learn that the world is in worse shape than when they left it. 

Stranded in the middle of nowhere, Grey Cloak is onset by a sudden and mysterious life-threatening illness. With his brother’s life in his hands, Dyphestive crosses a barren wasteland with bloodthirsty nomads hunting him down. He must protect his brother at all costs before time runs out. 

Dragon Wars, teen fantasy books, book 6.

Prisoner Island (Book 9)

An impossible rescue mission. The fate of all on the line. 

The bad news gets worse for the blood brothers, Grey Cloak and Dyphestive, as they find out their old friends are either dead or captured. Survivors of Talon are held captive on Prisoner Island and a rescue mission is mounted. The problem is, the only one way to the dangerous unexplored island is in the Black Guards shackles.  To make matters worse the only way off of the island is bypassing ever watchful eye of a powerful overseer that no one has ever alluded before. 

Dragon Wars, teen fantasy books, book 6.

Peril in the Dark (Book 10)

An impossible mission.  A trap in a vicious underworld.  Can the heroes conquer the odds or will they fall deeper in a land where only the undead survive? 

Grey Cloak and Dyphestive find themselves in a race against time to save Zora and Tanlin from their captors and find a magic artifact with other-worldly powers. But unbeknownst to them, Black Frost’s minions pick up on their trail and a new hunt for the Blood Brothers begins while an unknown army that cannot be killed rises against them.

Dragon Wars, teen fantasy books, book 6.

Death in the Desert (Book 11)

An old nemesis returns. A new enemy rises. The fate of the Blood Brothers and Talon will be fatal. 

After a harrowing escape from the depths of Thannis, Grey Cloak and Dyphestive find themselves in trapped by Drysis the Dreadful and the Doom Riders.  With all of their lives on the line, it’s escape, die, or return to slavery.

Dragon Wars, teen fantasy books, book 6.

Blood Brothers (Book 12)

With no other options on the table the blood brothers must execute their most reckless plan of all or die trying. 

Black Frost has the entire world crushed underneath of his talons, and Grey Cloak and Dyphestive are running out of options to defeat him. They need an army and will lock horns with thier allies on how to get it. Meanwhile, at the bottom of the world, Zora makes new enemies unlike anything she has ever encountered before and the lives of Talon will never be the same. 

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