The Bounty Hunter Files

A sensational new series from Craig Halloran, 'The Bounty Hunter Files'. Agent Sidney Shaw is one of the FBI's finest. Tough as nails with a calculating mind, she thought she was ready for anything. Enter John Smoke.

Smoke Rising (Book 1 of 10)


Agent Sidney Shaw is one of the FBI’s finest. Tough as nails with a calculating mind, she thought she was ready for anything. Enter John Smoke. His spirited arrest methods landed him hard time in prison.

The decorated veteran, now branded an ex-con, just wants to serve his time in peace. The powers that be have other plans. When Sidney is assigned to be Smoke’s handler, both of their lives are turned upside down.

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I Smell Smoke (Book 2 of 10)


Just when Sidney thinks she’s gotten a handle on things, she finds herself at odds again with her annoying and unappreciative supervisor, Cyrus Tweel.

To make matters worse, there’s been no talk about the Black Slate or the whereabouts of Smoke, leaving her in the dark and feeling more isolated than ever. During a stakeout with Cyrus, odd things begin to emerge. Black Suns and oddly familiar children begin to show up.

Where There’s Smoke (Book 3 of 10)


Months after bringing down the last mark on the Black Slate, Sidney finds herself more isolated than ever. Buried in paperwork at the FBI her feelings about the Deep Black operation begin to fester.

Just when she’s about to lose it, Section Chief, Ted Howard, intervenes. The Black Slate has another assignment. But there’s a problem. John Smoke is nowhere to be found.

Smoke on the Water (Book 4 of 10)


Now that she’s no longer an FBI agent, Sidney is restless. She drops Megan off at Grandma and Grandpa’s so she can have some adult time, and then she goes to the shooting range. An old guy called Big Jake out-shoots her and then saves Sid from two huge goons who smell like the Drake.

And then Big Jake turns up dead. Missing Smoke and hoping to find out where he is, but saying she wants help finding Big Jake’s killers, Sid sends a text to Phat Sam and Guppy.

Smoke and Mirrors (Book 5 of 10)


With John Smoke now free from prison, Sidney Shaw’s life doesn’t get any easier. No longer an FBI agent and with the bills stacking up, she takes up the Bounty Hunter business.

Together, her and Smoke, go after another villainous fiend on the Black Slate. Success quickly turns to failure as Congressman Wilhelm is shot and video evidence reveals John Smoke as the shooter.