I should have posted this a month ago, but oh well, I’m a little busy and now it’s HERE! Anyway, I’ve been lucky enough to team up with some other authors and I’ll be at Dragon Con Sept 2nd – 5th. I’ll be located at the bottom floor of the Hyatt Hotel near the Art Gallery! The NEXUS DRAGON LANCE TABLE. We will be playing games and handing out merchandise and prizes. Pretty Cool Stuff! Bigger News is that Tracy Hickman will stop by and will have some autographed merchandise of his to give away for prizes as well! Check in with meĀ on FB The Darkslayer Report for updates! There might be some Twitter posts at Craig Halloran and you can always email at craig@thedarkslayer.com.

I’ll be manning the DragonLance fan table (Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman) with author friends Tom Bielawski, Linda Lee, Michael R Mathias, Craig Halloran, and Jake Scholl.