First off, MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!  If you come across this blog before year end, note, most all of my books in any series are .99 cents or FREE through December 31st. So don’t miss out. To shop them go to click on this link: CRAIG HALLORAN AMAZON AUTHOR PAGE. Also, you need to subscribe to my website, I have a bunch of cool changes coming. CLICK HERE! Reflecting back on 2016, I have to say THANK YOU!  I had a banner year and I should because I’m pretty good at this and I work really hard at it. But, I wouldn’t do half of what I done if not for hearing from you. Your feedback is what makes me churn. As a result, I wrote more last year than I ever wrote, I think around 500,000 words. That’s a bunch. I plan to do the same or more in 2017. I want to say that, 2016, got a little screwy and I might have disappointed some of you. I wrote 5 book series, which is way too much. The Darkslayer Series 2, Dragon Series 2, Smoke Series 1, Clash of Heroes and Squawk (which hasn’t been released yet. Oh, and there are links to all of them, just click.) There is a method to my Madness, I’ll explain. Some artist commissions take longer than others. maybe months. That’s it. That made me stagger out my series. At the same time, I’m trying to keep all readers happy by giving them a taste of their favorite characters. And it helps me keep the stories from going into a rut. I want my content fresh.

Going into 2017 that will change, later. But let’s look at how I’m going to wrap things up first. I’ll finish up, Smoke and Dragon first. I need to knock those two out. Then, I’ll work finishing up the last 3 books of The Darkslayer. All of those should be done around June 2017. After that I’ll work on Squawk and Clash of Heroes in between, so you can get your dose of Venir, Melegal, Nath and Brenwar all together. It’s still a lot of work, but, the good Lord willing, I’ll do it. The hope is, that before the end of the year, to begin new adventures of The Darkslayer and Nath Dragon, going back to where they were younger. I have some great ideas, and knowing what I know now, I want to launch them all over again with your support behind me. With that said, I plan to do those books in 5 book sets and maybe do all 5 at once before doing the other. I need closure quicker.

That’s my vision for the future and I hope you continue to be a part of it for many years to come. There’s a few other things I want to throw out there for 2017. A crowd funding project will be in play as we try to make, The Chronicles of Dragon, Books 1 and 2, into a 100 page, full color Graphic novel! I’m working on some short stories to, that I might post here, a chapter at a time. Currently, I’m writing The Barbarian and the Brain. Do you like the idea of some chapters looks, right here? Also, if you want to talk, complain, discuss or have any questions about anything in my books, just post here or simply email me at:

Fight or Die,